Thursday, 1 November 2012

Full access to ProQuest Congressional now available *until end of November*

We now have full access to the complete collection of congressional publications via ProQuest for the month of November. ProQuest have opened up their full collections to institutions in this way to coincide with the US Elections, and this gives Oxford readers an opportunity to make use of collections we don't normally have access to.

As well as the Congressional Record, you can now access committee prints and hearings from 1817-, and Congressional Research Service Reports from 1916-. In addition, the full Serial Set is now also searchable via the ProQuest platform as well as through our usual access via Readex. All these collections may be cross-searched.

We only have this access for the month of November, so be sure to make full use of it by the end of the month. From December we will revert to our subscribed access to the Congressional Record only via ProQuest, and the Serial Set only via Readex.

To access the collections, search OxLIP+ for the Congressional Record, or go directly to Remote access should be available for University members if you have signed in to SOLO/OxLIP+ first.

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