Friday, 22 October 2010

New sites saved on our delicious page

For any new readers this year, you may not know about the VHL's delicious page, where we save links to useful free web resources for American studies.  This is an ever-growing list, and periodically we post the most recent ones we've saved here on the blog, as a reminder that it's there and a summary of what we've recently come across.  We also post all the links to our Twitter account as we save them.  Readers are more than welcome to suggest sites if you have found them in the course of your research - just let us know by any means (email, blog comment, Facebook comment, Tweet, scrap of paper) and we'll add them in!

Here is the latest summary of sites saved:

Open access books from Oregon State University Press: Theodore Stern
In celebration of the fourth annual Open Access week, OSU Press have made two out of print volumes by Theodore Stern freely available online. More out of print books are due to be added in future. The two books currently available are: Chiefs & chief traders: Indian relations at Fort Nez Perces, 1818-1855 Chiefs & change in the Oregon country: Indian relations at Fort Nez Perce, 1818-1855
Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) [Registration required]
The Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) is the nation's premier research collection of open-source resources related to homeland security policy, strategy and organizational management. Registered users can access over 80,900 documents related to homeland security policy, strategy, and organizational management from a wide variety of sources including federal, state and local governments; international governments and institutions; nonprofit organizations and private entities.
University of Missouri Digital Library
Founded in 2001, the University of Missouri Digital Library provides a repository for digitized items on behalf of the UM Libraries. Over 20 text collections, and 23 image collections, have been added, including collections from 15 libraries around the state of Missouri. Text collections include the Civil War in Missouri, the Missouri Alumnus magazine, Missouriana Digital Text Collection, and Daniel Webster speeches. Image collections include Cows on the Lawn (dairy husbandry at UM), Joplin historical postcards, sheet music collections, Sanborn maps for Missouri, and the photo archives of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Why Richard Hofstadter Is Still Worth Reading but Not for the Reasons ...
MSt Additional reading for week 3 Historiography
Turner: The Frontier In American History
Core reading for Week 1 Historiography
Digital Horizons: A Plains Media Resource
Digital Horizons is an online treasure house of thousands of images, documents, video, and oral histories depicting life on the Northern Plains from the late 1800s to today. Here you'll find a fascinating snapshot of the lives, culture, and history of the people who shaped life on the prairies. You can browse the resources by subject, or by collection, and the site is also soliciting donations of digitised sources from the public.
DocsTeach | Documents
Over 3000 primary source documents from the National Archives, arranged in chronological collections. The site is designed for teachers to help them use primary sources as teaching tools, and also contains a variety of suggested activities. The collections can be searched or browsed, and registered users can save documents as favourites.
Nixon v Kennedy full debate
VHL Guide to US Government Publications
Online guide to the many sources of publications and information about the US government, both historic and current, available in the VHL and online.

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